Multiversity Clinics with professor Tom Stein (Berklee, Boston SAD)

Music, Media and Entertainment Industry

Belgrade / Novi Sad / Kragujevac
October 09-20. 2017

Multikultivator proudly presents Multiversity Clinics with professor Tom Stein, ultimate executive in the field of music media and entertainment industry. Within the Multiversity Clinics framework, professor Stein will give a series of lectures, workshops and seminars for students and faculties in the field of Art, Management and Production.

Opening lecture, in the concert hall of Music School Stankovic (Kneza Miloša 1a), will set the basis for understanding of contemporary music, media and entertainment industry trends, roles of actors in the industry and digital marketing and social media touls.

Tom Stein is a global music, entertainment and media industry executive who has established alliances with NGOs and organizations throughout the world. He has been a Professor at Berklee College of Music in the US for 25 years, designing and teaching courses in music and the entertainment industry. At Berklee College of Music he designs courses for students interested in music, such as Music theory (harmony), Musicianship (ear training), Stage performance techniques, Music transcription, Rehearsal techniques, Ensemble coaching, Arranging for recording studios.

In addition to this work, Tom Stein is a professional well versed in the topics beyond the field of music, and music education. Our proposed seminars and workshops match Tom Stain’s familiarity with the best practices in the fields of Digital marketing and social media artist promotion, Career preparation, Live concert production, Music business, Artist management and Cultural entrepreneurship.

Finally, Tom Stein’s work extends into the fields of Public and Cultural Diplomacy as he writes about Economic Development and De-escalation Of Conflict, The Role Of Commerce and Culture, Social Stability, Youth Empowerment, Soft Power and Cultural Industries.

 Clinics schedule can be downloaded here (pdf)

Professor Tom Stajn is visiting Serbia as a representative of the United States Department of State through Fulbright Specialist Program and within Multikultivator’s Platform for Informal Music Education – Multiversity. Program is organized n collaboration with University of Arts in Belgrade, Music Academy in Belgrade, Academy of Drama, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Academy of Arts in Kragujevac, The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies and Music School Stanković, and with support from US Embassy in Belgrade.