Multiversity in collaboration with Spectrum East proudly presents:

Harp Master Class with CATRIN FINCH

Spectrum East, Majke Jevrosime 18
15. april 2019. od 11h
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The master class is intended for harpists of all levels, from beginners to students and graduates. The aim of the master class is to improve harp playing techniques, learn systematic practicing methods, work on interpretation and general gain of experience from one of the most accomplished harpists of her generation.

The number of participants is limited to up to 6 active and up to 6 passive participants.


Active participants will work with Catrin Finch on up to two pieces for 30 minutes. Before and after their part, they can listen to other participants in their time.


Passive participants can attend Master Class without the opportunity to play, but they can ask questions.


Individual classes in duration of 60 minutes per participant are available on request.



Master Class, Active participant: €55 / RSD 6.600
Master Class, Passive participant: €15 / RSD 1.800
Individual Class (1h): €100 / RSD 12.000

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